Tommi award for “The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic”

“The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic” can’t be that creepy: Even if not developed as a childrens’ game, our Pudding won the TOMMI childrens’ software prize last week! We are especially happy because our rather small indie game made the third prize as “Best PC game 2011” after the high budget projects “Cars 2” (Disney) and “The Sims: Mittelalter” (Electronic Arts). It makes us proud that the prize was awarded by the hardest and most honest jury imaginable: children!

The children jury’s opinion: „Pudding Panic wins the Tommi 2011, because sometimes also the small games with great ideas and short rounds are just brilliant. Totally quirky, great graphics and a beautifully dark atmosphere with lurking witches and skeletons we just like too much. Additionally, as children we love two things especially: Pudding is yummy and riding on a ghost train is fun – cool that now there’s a game which combines both!”

Thank you so much, children!

And here you can see Patrick Rau receiving the Tommi trophy at the award ceremony at the Frankfurt book fair on Friday Oct. 14th: